"I had a spot on my neck biopsied and it was a basal cell cancer. Was told it needed to be surgically removed. Dr. April Brader made a herbal salve that I applied to my skin for several weeks. I had my skin re-biopsied and the basal cell cancer was gone."
- Bob H.
St. Petersburg Beach, FL
“I went to Mayo Clinic for a diagnosis with chronic swollen lymph nodes in my neck. They ran tests and could not heal me. Dr. April healed my condition within two months using two herbal formulas.”
- Fred T.
Minneapolis, MN
"I was hospitalized with an infected diverticulosis and the MD’s at Morton Plant could not get rid of the bowel infection using IV and oral antibiotics. Dr. April saved me from a bowel resection surgery by clearing the infection with herbs and helping me regain my health."
- Kathleen C.
Seminole, FL
“Dr. April significantly helped my chronic foot pain using Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks so much so I could walk and garden again.”
- Paula M.
Minneapolis, MN
"Dr. April worked with me to heal my serious auto immune disease and with her herbal therapies I put my life threatening auto immune disease into remission within six months."
- Kevin R.
Allentown, PA
"Dr. April helped me with my menopausal symptoms. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and adjusts herbal and nutritional therapies as needed. She is kind, caring and goes out of her way to help patients heal."
- Theresa M.
South Hampton, NH
"Dr. April has treated my elderly Father for his severe COPD Chronic Bronchitis for more than a year and with her treatment he breathes much better and she has kept him out of the hospital with exacerbations ever since."
Debbie P.
Spring Hill, FL
"Dr. April Brader has done a fabulous job helping me and my family with our health issues. Her acupuncture is very gentle. She is extremely kind, loving and caring. She treats everyone like family."
- Elaine A.
Seminole, FL
"Dr. April treated my 86 year old husband for severe COPD and within two months or two of treatment he was off of his oxygen and playing 18 holes of golf. She is kind, loving and goes above and beyond to help us."
- Evelyn S.
The Villages, FL
“I suffered with eczema for several years. Each time I complained to my dermatologist about the eczema, I would be given a new prescription to try. None of them worked. I continued to itch and scratch the areas affected even with prescribed medication. When I mentioned the affliction to Dr. Brader,  she looked at my leg that was most affected and recommended an herbal salve that she made. I used the salve and the eczema has never returned and it has been over 4 years. No more scratching - just clear skin.” 
- Cora H.
St. Pete Beach, FL
I have known April Brader, DOM personally and professionally. I have had the privilege to collaborate with her on many difficult medical cases. April Brader is a very skilled herbalist and TCM practitioner with a vast repertoire of knowledge. She is caring and compassionate in her beautifully delivered relationship with her patients. I am honored to have her in my tribe of integrative medicine warriors to resolve medical conditions where it takes a resolution team.
- Dr. Kym C. DACM, MSOM, MED
St. Pete, FL
Dr. April Brader treated my fiance who was hospitalized at Shands Hospital with a very serious, life threatening auto immune cardiac disease called ALL. Dr. April was able to wean her off her nasal feeding tube with powdered herbs and congee and help her to regain weight which the MD’s could not explain. She then developed a treatment strategy to address her immune system imbalance and improve her cardiac function.
- Mike M.
Orlando, FL
Dr. April Brader normalized my testosterone levels with Tibetan Herbs and my levels were better than on the pharmaceutical synthetic testosterone given to me by my MD. I am very pleased with her care.
- Joey P.
Tampa, FL
"My son fractured his arm, had surgery and was in a cast. Dr. April Brader treated him with herbs and acupuncture and my son never needed any pharmaceutical pain medications during his recovery. His orthopedic surgeon couldn’t believe it!”
- Marcella E.
St. Pete, FL
“I was hospitalized with a raging infection due to a reaction to chemotherapy and radiation. The MD’s could not treat it. Dr. April Brader gave me an amazing herbal formula and I was only on it for two days and was able to be discharged from the hospital due to her treatment.”
- Jeff L.
Allentown, PA
"Dr. April Brader is such an intriguing and intelligent doctor. She has helped me wean off several of my pharmaceutical drugs, helping me feel better, halting chronic acid reflux along with other chronic health conditions. She is most kind and caring. Dr. April treats her patients like her own family members. I highly recommend Dr. April Brader."
- Joy P.
St. Pete Beach, FL
"Our dog Buster was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The vet gave us little hope and suggested we put him down. After consulting with Dr. April, we followed her recommendations for the herbal medicines and change of diet. The results were immediate. Now 3 months later, he runs around like a puppy. We can't thank Dr. April enough for saving our dog Buster."
- Kathy G.
St. Pete Beach, FL